Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Day 3, 2nd May

It is our first day at school and it starts with a tour around the school building. The building of Institut Marina is completely different from our school. It consists of three round 3-storeyed towers united by a 1-storey round building so the shape of the classrooms is also different. They are like segments of a circle. In the central building there are teacher’s rooms, a canteen, a gym and a ground for students to meet at break-time. After the tour the participants of the project take part in an interesting ice-breaking activity, organized by our Spanish project coordinator Natividad Castillos Rios,and feel very enthusiastic to find out some interesting facts about each other. Then we proceed to the classroom to present the results of the surveys and interviews about anxiety in EFL classroom carried out in our schools. The presentations are really informative and all the participants listen attentively to compare the results of the teams. The Catalan team has a colourful presentation with a lot of pictures and diagrams, the Italian team feels very confident while showing their results, the Cyprus team illustrates their results with creative videos and make students laugh and the Finnish team has a lot of clever and precise comments about the level of anxiety at their school. The presentations are followed by an extremely loud performance of the drummers and all the participants are invited to join a Zumba dance with the young energetic dancers of the host-school.  The teachers have an opportunity to see the lessons of their Spanish colleagues and share the experience. In the afternoon we travel to Barcelona to admire the long-anticipated Sagrada Familia, the world-known landmark of Barcelona-City. This outstanding creation of Gaudi is utterly impressive! Instead of describing this unique cathedral, we think you should look at the photos we have taken.


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