Monday, 6 March 2017

Our impressions from the 1st project exchange in Lithuania

On the 13th of February very friendly guests from Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Finland had come to our gymnasium, to Lithuania. Of course, our Finnish friends weren’t surprised by Lithuanian not very sunny weather. Especially we liked to watch the emotions of participants from warm countries. Trip to Trakai was almost fascinating. We’d enjoyed ice skating on the frozen lake  for free and without skates. Even teachers felt like kids. And of course snowball fights! There weren’t so much snow as we hoped, but it was enough for us. So, we thought: “Why not to fight?” We had some lessons during the week. As for us, the most memorable was Lithuanian folklore lesson. We’d learnt one song. After the school we decided to go to the old town of Vilnius. There were two street musicians. And guess which song they had been singing? Yes, the song, which we had learnt during the lesson and we had sang it together.We’d like to thank all of you. We had an unforgettable week. Our exchange has finished, but not the project. So, we hope to see you very soon and we are sure that every other meet will be better than the previous one! 
 N.Luzkov, S.Vincel     

Lithuanian project team
Video created by N.Luzkov