Sunday, 11 December 2016

The rules of the Logo competion



                                              Activity Code: 2016-1-F101-KA219-022698_3

At the launch of the project "Stress Free – Inspirational Learning" presented by our gymnasium and selected to participate, with 4 other European partners from Cyprus, Finland, Spain and Italy, in the activity KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices for the 2016 edition of the Erasmus +, has organized a competition of ideas for the creation of a logo that identifies the spirit of the project

 Art. 1 Features Logo

The logo should be a product of graphics in digital format (jpeg, png or any other format readable by standard computer media) that does not contain quotes. It must be original and can communicate effectively and recall the spirit of the European project. The logo must be a distinctive, appropriate, practical, a simple form and graphics and must maintain the communication features if the size change or if you remove the colours (black and white).

 Art. 2 - Subjects allowed to participate

Individuals or group students of Vilnius, V.Kachialov gymnasium can participate to this competition. Each participant or group may submit only one proposal graphics , otherwise the participant will face a penalty and be excluded from the competition.

Art. 3 - How to participate and terms.

The file containing the work produced, must be sent as an enclosure to a message by email to:
In the message text, the candidate must indicate full name, class, section and field of study attended during this school year.
The file containing the work produced will be posted by November 28th, 2016. The works received after the deadline will be not considered.

Art. 4 - Composition of the Committee.
Proposals received by the due date will be examined by a special committee

and organized in an exhibition for V. Kachiolov gymnasium students voting.

Art. 5 - Criteria for evaluating proposals.
The score will be expressed on the basis of the following criteria:
Coherence with the themes of the "Stree Free-Inspirational Learning" (max 30 points)

Originality (maximum 30 points)
  Effectiveness in communicating the spirit of the project (maximum 20 points)
 Versatility (ease of application in different contexts) (maximum 20 points)
 The maximum score

Among all the proposals received, the Commission will prepare a merit list on the basis of established criteria and its decision will be the final judgement.

Art. 6 – Prize.
The author of the selected logo will be rewarded with a certificate of the project Erasmus+ participation and the work produced will participate in the next selection with the finalists produced by other 4 schools project partners.

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